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Herdsman Bulldog Wire Stretcher

Herdsman Bulldog Wire Stretcher

The Herdsman Bulldog Wire Stretcher gets a hold on wire and won't let go!

The handle is 14 gauge galvanized tubing with a no slip plastic grip. The wire gripper is a collar design on a tapered shaft that holds the wire in place as you get ready to stretch wire. No more clamps to let wire fall out when you take your hands off of it.

The best feature about this new wire gripper is the harder you pull, the tighter it holds the wire. The "Bulldog's teeth" extend down the side to allow a longer pulling radius to pull those long strands of wire without slipping off the post. The all-welded steel construction means no more brittle wood handles to break, no more bolts to loosen and wobble. 4.4 pounds

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