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Pasture Pro


It’s a sensible solution for electric fencing. Made with cutting-edge manufacturing technology, the PasturePro post makes a long-lasting permanent electric fence that is tough, safe for horses and simple to install. PasturePro is a composite post to be used primarily for temporary or permanent Electric Fence applications.

PasturePro composite electric fence posts install with a manual post driver and the wire is attached with a simple cotter pin. They do not contain fiberglass. They’re tough, flexible and self-insulating.

PasturePro posts come in four standard colors and a range of sizes to meet both interior and exterior fencing needs.

  Black   Cedar
  White   Hickory

Why PasturePro?

  • PasturePro posts come with a 20-year manufacturer warranty and satisfaction guarantee.
  • Perfect fit for electric fencing. Non-conductive, holds the ground well, extremely strong but flexible and won’t rot.
  • Simple to install. Easy to drive, simple cotter pin wire attachment, drills easily in the field.
  • No fiberglass. Looks, feels and handles like wood so you won’t get splinters in your hands.

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